Surveillance and Target Acquisition

The Alpha 800 is a man-portable, medium range UAV navigation system optimized for the all-weather detection of surface targets, including personnel and vehicles.

The Best in Precise Drone Missions

The imagery obtained with the Alpha 800 Unmanned Aerial System gives the artilleryman a better means for target analysis and, indirectly, more effective weapons employment. Exact data on the target is provided to the Battlefield Management Systems (BMS), including UTM coordinates, distance and bearing.

The EO sensor can detect and identify a NATO priority target from more than 20 km, while the IR can do the same from more than 2 km (following Johnson’s Criteria). With both sensors combined, the user can read a vehicle license plate from 700 meters or follow a vehicle from 12 km. The Alpha 800 enables the target to be observed without the observation platform coming into view.

The ISR system detects and defines a target with extreme precision thanks to its geolocation capabilities. All onboard sensors are combined with a high precision Digital Terrain Model to define the GPS coordinates.

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