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The Remotely Piloted Aircraft System Alpha 800, classified by NATO as Class 1 MINI UAV helicopter for Tactical Operation, is used in Asia, the Middle East and Europe for border control and surveillance purposes. An unmanned helicopter that flies both autonomously or in manual mode. This military drone has the capabilities of a manned helicopter, but with far lower maintenance requirements and cost, and without the risk to human life. Weighing less than 14 kg and easily maneuverable, the Alpha 800 can be unpacked, pre-flight checked and launched by two trained professionals within seven minutes.

Giving RPAS Commanders a True Operational Advantage

Designed for applications in tactical environments, the Alpha 800 allows the detection, identification, classification and neutralization of conventional and non-conventional threats. The integration of a comprehensive suite of payloads, remote-controlled by a wide set of ground control solutions, is what provides its edge.

Alpha 800 is a man-portable, medium range unmanned helicopter designed for surveillance and target acquisition. It is optimized for all-weather detection of surface targets, whether personnel or vehicles.

Up to 3 Hours Endurance in Good Condition

The endurance for this gasoline-powered engine will never go below two hours.

Up to 50 Km Range Using the Latest Radio Technology

The Alpha 800 is a long range UAV with the lowest latency. End users can select frequencies to use and ensure the best coverage in all circumstances.

Onboard Generator

No need to manage batteries or charging times, just refuel and continue the mission. All electrical systems are powered through an intelligent power management unit that provides the RPAS with energy on demand, while concurrently charging the back-up battery.

3 kg of Payload Capacity

Cameras and other electronic sensors or cargo can be flown with ease.

Triple Redundant Power Supply

Following the same standards as used by commercial aviation, the Alpha 800 unmanned helicopter has triple redundancy on the power supply. In the event of a generator failure, the main back up battery will take over and deliver needed power. In the event that this back-up fails, there is another fully independent emergency battery that will let you land safely.

All-Weather Capable

All onboard electronics are rated IP64 or higher. 

High Variety of Payloads Are Available and Integrated

From cameras, to voice speakers or a payload release mechanism, the Alpha 800 offers a great variety of payloads selected to fulfill the most demanding missions.

EMI shield

All electronics on the Alpha 800 Helicopter UAV are designed to withstand high electromagnetic interferences.

GPS Denied Navigation

Thanks to the installation and calibration of an ADS system composed of a pitot and static port, the Alpha 800 Remotely Piloted Aircraft System is capable of continuing its mission even if the GPS is jammed. Once the Alpha 800 flies beyond the Jammer’s reach, GPS is recovered.

Encrypted Information

Multiple Emergency Protection Modes

Fully automatic autorotation, RPMs protection, Engine Saturation, and Collective Saturation. These safeguards make the system extremely robust, even in the event that the ground pilot is not highly experienced.
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