Take command. And get started online from anywhere at anytime!

Alpha Security and Defense’s 10-day avant-garde Training Program provides everything you need to know to fly safely and as efficiently as possible before embarking on an UAV helicopter mission. 

Our training team will take you through a deep training method with flight planning, maintenance tasks and flight simulations to prepare you for real UAV operations.

Get ready to fly from anywhere in the world with our Online Training Program, saving time and avoiding unnecessary risks!

When finished, the Alpha Training team will teach you on site at Alpha Security and Defense’ Headquarters or at your company´s location to execute the final trials in live flight situations.

Standard training program schedule is as follows:

Days 1 to 3

– System introduction

– Autopilot & Ground Control Station (GCS) overview and operating modes

– Mission planning & simulation

Days 4 to 8

– Internal & external operators roles

– Real mission exercises

– Mission planning & simulation

Day 9

– Maintenance procedures

Day 10

– Maintenance procedures

– Final exam

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