Long Range UAV Missions with Minimal Operator Input



Dual Screen



The Alpha G-Case is a Ground Control Station that is simple, compact, rugged and easy to carry and deploy. With everything necessary to serve as the human interface for the RPAS, it is housed in a handy, wheeled waterproof case and includes:


Ground Control Station with Multiple Configurations

G-Case Duo ready for use – internal antenna’s

With this configuration, no external systems are connected to the EXT SYSTEMS connector, instead everything is integrated inside the PYD BAY, mainly the data link, video converter or USB video capture device. In this configuration the RF output of the Data-link would be connected to the SMA cables that provide access to antennas 1 to 3 of the upper part of the case. As the antennas used are low gain omni antennas the range will be shorter than in the configurations with tracking antennas: Normally ranges up to 10 km. Thanks to the 3 antennas available on the G-Case, both video and communication can be installed on the PYD BAY allowing even a third communication system, or to use multiple antennas on one of the systems.

G-Case Duo ready for use – 30 km tracking antenna

With this configuration, the datalink is installed on the tracking antenna, and video or other payload information is normally transmitted through the ETH port. The control of the UAV is connected to the RS232 port as well as the PTU (Pan and Tilt Unit) on the secondary RS232 port that can be used for 2 axis PWM connection for Servo powered PTU Tracking antennas.

G-Case Duo ready for use – 50 km tracking antenna

This configuration is the same as Configuration 30 KM but includes a bigger tripod, of up to 3.2 meters’ height, and a dual orthogonal polarized 24 dB grid antenna. Using a specialized radio, we can increase the radio range to 50 km. In the case that additional or independent computing power is required for the information received on the Ground Control Station, the user can connect an independent PC to the ETH connector on the left side of the bottom part of the case.

G-Case fully customizable for use with 3rd party systems

G-Case Ground Control Station fully customizable for use with 3rd party systems In this configuration the G-Case Duo comes with an empty Payload Bay, ready for the end-user to install their own communications equipment.

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