Surveillance drones to watch with an expert eye

Alpha offers the most effective ISTAR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) available anywhere for tactical UAV helicopters.

Our surveillance drones feature the very best in advanced functionalities for tracking as well as border and infrastructure control:

Dual Day and Night Sensor

EO HD sensor with superior x30 zoom. Uncooled IR sensor with <30 mK of sensitivity

Integrated Onboard Processing Unit

The onboard processing unit enables the user to effortlessly track, detect, and keep any target on the Ground Control Station while delivering picture-in-picture display and real-time onboard recording.

Laser Range Finder Integrated

High Accuracy Distance Measurement from the point of interest.

Laser Illuminator Integrated

50 m laser illuminator integrated on demand

Long Range Capability

The EO sensor can detect and identify a NATO priority target from more than 20 km, while the IR can do the same from more than 2 km (following Johnson’s criteria). With both sensors combined, the user can read a vehicle license plate from 700 m or follow a vehicle from 12 km. The Alpha 800 UAV navigation system enables the target to be observed without the observation platform coming into view.

High Precision GeoLocation

The ISR system of the Alpha 800 surveillance drone can detect and define a target with extreme precision thanks to its geolocation capabilities. All onboard sensors are combined with a high precision Digital Terrain Model to define the GPS coordinates.

Border Security like Never Before

Alpha’s technology complements other fixed and mobile surveillance systems. When several UAS are flown concurrently, wide geographic areas can be observed.
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