Urgent Logistics with UAV Navigation
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Urgent Logistics with UAV Navigation

When Seconds Matter, the Alpha 800 Delivers


Fast transport of medical supplies saves lives. The Alpha 800 System, the perfect tool to reach any destination without risking human life, features 3 kg of cargo space for moving supplies up to 50 km. Blood, plasma, anti-venom, defibrillators, combat gauze, and tourniquets are delivered easily and quickly.

Alpha 800 on a delivery mission



The Alpha 800 military UAV delivers long range and at top speed anywhere anytime. From disaster relief to medication distribution and last mile logistics, this reliable solution can save lives with:


  • 3 kg heavy payload capacity
  • 30-50 km range
  • 2.5-hour flight time
  • Maximum speed = 100 kph
  • Cruising speed = 45 kph
  • MTOW=14 kg
  • Maximum altitude = 3,000 m


  • Wind up to 45 kph (30 knots)
  • Light rain and snow
Logistic services with Alpha 800

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