Photo gallery
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Alpha 800 Epsilon 140z

Alpha Epsilon 140z left-side view
Alpha UAV on the go
Alpha Epsilon 140z flying
Alpha flying close-up
Alpha Epsilon 140z landing
Alpha flying on the distance

Alpha 800 DST Sensor

Alpha 800 with DST sensor over a field
Alpha 800 over the clouds
Alpha 800 with DST sensor hovering
Alpha flying over a field
Alpha 800 with DST sensor on the move
Alpha 800 in the distance
Alpha flying forward
Alpha with DST sensor landing on grass
Alpha 800 with DST sensor

Spanish Civil Protection

Alpha with expert team
Alpha 800 controls
Alpha on the sky
Flying Alpha 800 with VR
Expert manipulating Alpha 800
Alpha 800 on a mission

Spanish Coast Guard

Alpha 800 on a ship
Alpha 800 working for the Spanish Coast Guard
Alpha 800 hovering over a ship
Alpha 800 close-up for the Spanish Coast Guard
Alpha 800 waiting for action
Alpha 800 on the sea
Alpha 800 inside a ship
Alpha 800 taking off
Alpha 800 ready for action

Indonesian Army

Indonesian Army with an Alpha 800
G-Case Duo on a mission
Alpha 800 flying into the distance
Alpha 800 over the jungle
Team working with G-Case Duo
Alpha 800 landed on a field
Maintenance protocol on an Alpha 800
Indonesian Army members with a UAV

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