Alpha 800 for UXO Detection Missions

Effective spotting of unexploded ordinance

With three hours of autonomous flight time and a 3 kg payload, the Alpha 800 Remotely Piloted Aircraft System has no rival in UXO detection.

In a recent successful demo, the Alpha 800 flew 11 meters above ground level, carrying a 4 kg magnetometer attached to a 10-meter cable. Using a laser altimeter and maintaining the payload at exactly 1 m above ground level, it flew a pre-defined pattern with 1 m between each pass. All metallic objects were detected with 4 cm accuracy.

A range of payload sensors are available, depending on the type of unexploded ordinance. For example, multi-spectral cameras may be used to identify non-ferrous UXO.

The next generation in UXO detection is here

Drone magnetic survey sensors help determine six key survey parameters — including x and y position, depth, type of UXO, and inclination and declination of the ordinance.

A magnetic survey will also show buried infrastructure, such as pipes, that can affect the mission.


The AirBIRD is a turnkey light-weight towed-bird magnetometer system designed specifically for UAVs.

The AirBIRD provides high-quality magnetic data while recording and storing additional flight parameters. Altitude, GPS location, pitch, roll, yaw, and satellite information can be transmitted in real time to the ground station.


The MagDrone R3 is an ultra-portable magnetometer survey kit to be attached to the Alpha 800 with a minimum payload of 1 kg. Its frame ensures easy attachment. Optimized for small and mid-size UAVs, its reduced size and weight allow for longer flight times.

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